Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, U.S. Border Patrol agents report that illegals and drug smugglers are entering the United States through our national forests. They are setting forest fires at the border, at patrol stands and watch towers, attempting to smoke out the agents and divert their attention from the illegal crossings.

   National forest firefighters have reported seeing illegals and drug smugglers move right on through fires as the firefighters try to put out the fires. Once assaulted with rocks, cars, guns, now agents must worry about fires. And these arsonist illegals are not just stopping at setting those fires. Reports indicate some illegals have engaged in throwing Molotov cocktails--a crude bomb made from gasoline--at our agents.

   The border war has escalated. These new invaders are not the migrants in search of a better life, they are violent land burners who will do anything to invade the United States, including assaulting U.S. border agents.

   There is a wildfire of illegal crossings at the border, and the Potomac amnesty-for-all crowd is fiddling the violin of blissful ignorance while the border burns.

   And that's just the way it is.