Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, according to a recently released secret memo by Homeland Security, America now faces new serious threats. I am not referring to al Qaeda, the Somali pirates, or radical Islamic terrorists. The memo states we are in danger from people who are concerned about our porous borders, gun owners, returning military veterans, the recent tax protestors at the TEA parties, and those who want to protect the unborn.

Mr. Speaker, these Americans simply disagree with the administration on certain issues. But by disagreeing, they are now labeled and vilified by Homeland Security as extremists and threats to America. So because of Homeland Security paranoia, is the cloak and dagger agency going to watch these people and spy on them under the guise of national security? We shall see.

This is a dangerous policy and attack on individual liberty and a denial of free speech. Homeland Security should do their real job like finding radical Islamic terrorists who want to kill us in the name of religion rather than making a watch list and snooping around in the private lives of patriots who are just exercising their absolute right to disagree.

And that's just the way it is.