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Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) met today with representatives from the Southeast Texas Hurricane Recovery group, Congressmen Brady and Gohmert and House Leadership to prioritize financial needs for recovery efforts in southeast Texas. The meeting, including House Majority Leader John Boehner and Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, focused on demonstrating Texas' need for equitable hurricane recovery funding in the Hurricane Supplemental Bill expected to go to conference in the coming weeks.

Everyone seems to be focused on what happened with Hurricane Katrina that they have overlooked the damage along the Texas-Louisiana coast caused by Hurricane Rita. When the Conference committee meets I want them to be aware of the devastation that occurred in those areas, Texans deserve to have the resources they need to recover, Poe said.

Congressman Poe will also take part in Special Orders today on the House floor, Rita on the Record. Poe will focus on the lack of attention given to recovery efforts in Southeast Texas despite the enormous hardships both Katrina and Rita placed on the State of Texas and their need for equal treatment by the federal government.

In reality, Texas was struck twice. Texans opened their doors to Katrina evacuees and then Hurricane Rita forced many of these people to be evacuees themselves, losing everything. In response, the federal government added insult to injury by practically forgetting Texas and giving Texans only a fraction of the assistance that was given to other areas. All we are asking for is equality in the process, Poe said.

Congressman Poe will be joined today by Congressmen Charles Boustany (LA-7), Kevin Brady (TX-8), and Louis Gohmert (TX-1).