Victims' Rights Caucus

Press Releases

Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) announces he is a member of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus to promote Americans call for fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution and limited government.

Formed around the Tea Partys central ideato call awareness to any issue challenging the security, sovereignty, or domestic tranquility of the United States of America, the caucus invites real people from diverse areas of the country to speak to its members about issues echoing within the Tea Party movement.

The Constitution says, We, the people, not We, the subjects, said Rep. Poe. It is an agreement between the people and the government. The Constitution is not some abstract concept that changes depending on the social philosophy of the elites and tyrants of the judiciary. Its a rock. It's the foundation. I have long supported the movement to bring common sense back to Washington, DC and I am proud to join my colleagues in Congress to continue our fight to restore power to its rightful owners the people.

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