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Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) sent a letter to congressional leaders today requesting immediate hearings into all aspects of the Ramos and Compean case.

Numerous and repeated attempts by Members of Congress to ascertain the facts of this case through inquiries with relevant federal agencies have been unsuccessful. Requests for information have been delayed or denied, and certain federal investigators have misled Members of Congress about this case. The failure to obtain information on the investigation and prosecution of this case threatens Congress ability and inherent responsibility to provide oversight of these federal agencies.

The implications of this case are far reaching for the control and security of Americas borders, said Poe. Our Border Patrol Agents have an especially dangerous and difficult job, and because of the outcome of this case, many are now second guessing themselves and questioning when and where they should draw their weapons out of fear of prosecution. The safety of our Agents and their ability to defend our borders has been materially damaged.

Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean are currently serving 11 and 12 year prison terms, respectively. The case has garnered national attention because of the harsh prosecution and unjust conviction of the agents for shooting a fleeing illegal drug smuggler during an altercation after over 740 pounds (over $1 million street value) of marijuana was discovered in his van near the border.