Victims' Rights Caucus

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Congressman Poe will serve as the guest speaker at the Houston Police Departments Interactive Program. The program is designed to share information regarding the Houston Police Department, the community and crime. Congressman Poe will update the group on the 2005 Legislative year and the efforts he has made in Congress on behalf of law enforcement and victims.

In his first three months in Congress, Poe introduced the Child Predator Act to safeguard our children from child predators. All of the provisions from this bill were included in the Children's Safety Act that overwhelmingly passed the House in September.

When rising concerns of misplaced sex offenders surfaced after the massive hurricane evacuations, Congressman Poe filed legislation to permit local and state law enforcement access to databases maintained by the FEMA for purposes of complying with sex offender registries. During natural disaster emergencies, sex offenders may move from one state to another without registering in the new community. If local and state law enforcement can use FEMA's database to locate sex offenders, they can help keep our communities safe.

Poes long history as an advocate for victims paved the way for the creation of the Congressional Victims Rights Caucus. This caucus, founded by Rep. Poe, was established to advocate for victims of injustice in the United States and abroad.

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WHAT:     HPD Interactive Program

WHERE:    Kingwood Church of Christ
                   2901 Woodland Hills
                   Kingwood, TX

WHEN:     Tuesday, January 17, 2006
                   7:00 pm