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Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) has believed Jamie Leigh Jones story since the first time he heard from her family and is disappointed by the recent decision in her civil trial. He issued the following statement:

On July 29, 2005, my office received a call from Mr. Thomas Jones, who was my constituent at the time. He informed me that his daughter had been brutally raped in Baghdad. He asked for my staffs help in determining his daughter was safe and returning her to the United States. My office promptly contacted Jenny Foo at the State Department to inform her of the disturbing call that we had received and to ask that she look into the situation immediately.  During this phone call, we shared information with the State Department, including Ms. Jones social security number, her date of birth, and her fathers phone number.  At no point during the call, did Ms. Foo indicate to my staff that the State Department was already aware of this case or that the State Department previously had such identifiable information.  Later that same day, Ms. Foo followed up with another phone call to my office to say that two agents had been dispatched, and Ms. Jones would be brought back to the United States. Since that day, Ms. Jones and her family have credited my staff with helping to bring her back safely to the United States. I do not regret responding to a constituents call for help or assisting Ms. Jamie Lee Jones and her family.