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WASHINGTON, DC ñ Tonight Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) introduced H.R. 334, the Keystone for A Secure Tomorrow Act (K-FAST). This legislation would allow Congress to directly and immediately approve the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline. 

 ìApproval of the Keystone Pipeline is a matter of national security,î said Rep. Poe. ìBlocking this pipeline is putting our energy security and our economic security at risk. Pipelines are proven to be an environmentally safe way to transport energy. Congress cannot continue sit idly by and watch Americans suffer as a result of this reckless decision motivated by politics. Itís time to create jobs, bring energy to the United States and make Middle Eastern politics irrelevant to our national security.î

ìThe obstructionists in the Administration have stonewalled the Keystone Pipeline project for far too long,î said Poe. ìThe Governor of Nebraska has approved the section of the pipeline in question. The ball is in the Administrationís court yet the State Department says it will continue to delay making a decision. Enough is enough. Itís time for Congress to act.î

Congress already has the authority to act. According to CRS, ìcongressional action related to permitting of pipeline border crossings is a legitimate exercise of Congress's authority to regulate foreign commerce.î In fact, in 1973, Congress took similar action and passed the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Authorization Act in order to build the Trans-Alaska Pipeline ,which had been delayed for years in a similar fashion to Keystone. 


Rep. Marsha Blackburn [R-TN-7]
Rep. Steve Chabot[R-OH-1]
Rep. Michael K. Conaway[R-TX-11]
Rep. John Abney Culberson[R-TX-7]
Rep. Jeff Duncan[R-SC-3]
Rep. Blake Farenthold[R-TX-27]
Rep. Ralph M. Hall [R-TX-4]
Rep. Steve King [R-IA-4]
Rep. Candice S. Miller [R-MI-10]
Rep. Randy K. Weber Sr. [R-TX-14)

Other Cosponsors:

Rep. Mo Brooks

Rep. Stephen Fincher

Rep. Pete Sessions

Rep. Louie Gohmert