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Members of Congress Ask for a Presidential Pardon

WASHINGTON, DC Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) continues his efforts to free Deputy Gilmer Hernandez of Rocksprings, Texas, who was convicted and sentenced to federal prison for violating the civil rights of an illegal who was injured when the Suburban in which she was being smuggled in attempted to flee a traffic stop made by Hernandez. Congressman Poe joins other Members of Congress in asking President Bush to pardon and/or commute the sentence of Deputy Hernandez.

Gilmer should not spend one more day behind bars, said Poe. We are asking the President to use his authority to investigate the actions taken in the case by the US Attorneys office and pardon Gilmer.

In the request to President Bush, Members of Congress are asking that the President take swift action in reviewing the federal prosecution brought against Edwards County, Texas Deputy Sheriff Guillermo 'Gilmer' Hernandez.

Deputy Hernandez was making what he thought to be a routine traffic stop on the evening of April 14, 2005 in Rocksprings, Texas, when the vehicle that he pulled over for running a red light suddenly attempted to run into him as it sped away. Feeling that his life was being threatened, Deputy Hernandez made a split-second decision and fired shots at the vehicles tires to disable the vehicle. A bullet fragment regretfully struck one of the occupants who was being smuggled into the country illegally from Mexico.

Congressman Poe has been an outspoken advocate on behalf of Gilmer Hernandez and Border Agents Ramos and Compean. Congressman Poe serves on the Executive Committee of the Immigration Reform Caucus. For more information on Congressman Poe and this case, please visit our website at