Victims' Rights Caucus

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WASHINGTON, DC - ìThe Supreme Courtís decision to uphold most of the Affordable Care Act is a striking blow to all who believe in individual liberty. The effects of this decision cannot be understated: the federal governmentís power to tax has now been extended to virtually everything. The Foundersí never intended for the government to tell the citizens when and what to buy with the threat of a tax.

The individual mandate creates a new tax that American families and businesses cannot afford. The last thing the people need right now is more government taxes. The Presidentís nationalized health care law also gives control of health care decisions to a group of unelected bureaucrats and increases health care costs for American families and small businesses at a time when they should be focused on hiring more employees.

Congress and the Supreme Court have both had the opportunity to decide on this destructive government invasion of choice. Now, the fate of Obamacare lies with the American people.î