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WASHINGTON, D.C. ñ This week, Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) introduced H.R. 621, the Ensuring Affordable Energy Act. This bill would prohibit federal funding for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be used to implement or enforce a cap-and-trade (or similar) program for the regulation of the release of greenhouse gases.

ìIn his State of the Union Speech, President Obama threatened to unilaterally enact cap and trade policy if Congress does not. Both Congress and the American people have overwhelmingly rejected this policy in the past. The Ensuring Affordable Energy Act will put an end to any back-door attempt by the Administration to go around Congress and circumvent the will of the people.î 

ìIt is time for the federal government to get out of the energy business. A cap-and-trade program is a de facto tax on American business and families. It will raise the cost of energy for American families, cripple the economy and destroy jobs in the energy industry by forcing companies to take their business to friendlier lands.î said Poe.

H.R. 621 The Ensuring Affordable Energy Act:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no funds appropriated or otherwise available for the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency may be used to implement or enforce

  1. A cap and trade program; or
  2. Any new statutory or regulatory requirement pertaining to emissions of one or more greenhouse gases from stationary sources that is issued or becomes applicable or effective after the date of enactment of this bill.