Victims' Rights Caucus


Snakes in the Grass

Jul 17 2006

Mr. Speaker, in west Texas, rattlesnakes are king. They are deadly. They are poisonous. In the vastness of the heat, these snakes roam every town, every ranch. No place is safe, especially in the summer.

When their well-known rattle whistles through the air, it is a warning for all to beware. And if they bite you, you die. They still lock down their poisonous jaws on prey, ranging from people to cattle, inhabiting the snake-infested land. These snakes live among us and they kill us.

Mr. Speaker, Hezbollah is a snake in the grass, a terror ring funded by Iran, living beside the Israelis, slithering in the cloak of night, knowing no borders. Taking lives, claiming victims.

We have heard Hezbollah's rattle. Why are we surprised? A rattlesnake does not change. You cannot negotiate with one. The snakes of Hezbollah are terrorists, and Israel has every right to turn and fight now that they have heard the rattle and seen this sneak snake attack.

And that's just the way it is.