Victims' Rights Caucus


Mr. Speaker, on the hot humid night of July 6, 2005, in Houston, Texas, a police chase occurred. After midnight, a car driven by a criminal was fleeing from the police. His vehicle crashed into the gate of an apartment complex. The suspect, a Justin Doyle, jumped from his car and took off on foot fleeing from the law during the darkness. Deputy Constable Nehemiah Pickens had with others joined the police chase to capture this individual. Eventually, a shootout occurred and Deputy Pickens was killed while assisting in the pursuit of Doyle.

Nehemiah Pickens was a member of the Harris County Constable's Unit, Precinct 6. He was 33 years of age. He is remembered as a hardworking family man who worked multiple security jobs in addition to his work as a police officer to support his wife and his three daughters. He was working a part-time security job when he was killed to obtain money for a new home. Tomorrow, he will be buried in Houston, Texas. In the wake of this tragedy, we are reminded that we must never take for granted the police officers of America that work every day to enforce the law.

Deputy Pickens died doing what was his duty to protect, serve, and defend the people. As hundreds of police officers and law enforcement personnel, friends and family gather tomorrow for his funeral, our prayers go out to his family for allowing his life to be sacrificed for the rest of us.