Victims' Rights Caucus



Madam Speaker, a war cannot be won from a podium, but it can be lost. Laying out our entire military strategy in Afghanistan for our enemies is not only unwise, but poses a significant threat to national security. Our enemies have proven to be patient and steadfast in their determination to wage war on democracy and freedom. The President will send more troops, but has shown his entire hand to the world.

Last night's premature announcement by the President of an arbitrary end date for withdrawal contradicts our commitment to winning the war on terror--no matter how long it takes. It reaffirms our enemy's belief that America will lose its will to win. It seems our policy in fighting the war in Afghanistan is the surge-and-retreat plan. Success should be the mission, not "get out of Dodge" on a certain date.

Nowhere in history has a nation told its enemy that commitment would be for a set period of time and then the struggle would be abandoned. The President has said he wants to avoid another Vietnam, yet he has reintroduced the Vietnam syndrome of conditional commitment to America's cause.

And that's just the way it is.