Victims' Rights Caucus


Washington, Oct 5 -


Mr. Speaker, the Chinese dragon is breathing the fire of intimidation against our ally, Taiwan. To defend itself from the Chinese dragonís evil intentions, Taiwan protects itself with rusty swords ñ outdated F-16s. It also appears that by bullying, the United States has become timid under the Chinese dragon. The Beijing Government doesnít want us to sell new F-16 CDs to Taiwan ñ so we donít.

Further, the Chinese evil intentions of mischief are not limited to Taiwan. In the South China Sea, the talons of the Beijing dragon have initiated confrontation with Korea, the Philippines, Japan and Vietnam. China claims sea areas that are in international waters or belong to other nations.

With all these belligerent actions occurring by China, itís not in our national interest to play Chamberlain and appease the Chinese dragon.

Sell the Taiwanese the new swords they need to defend themselves against the fiery dragon. Sell them American F-16 CDs. It is in our national interest to help Taiwan be armed to be the dragon slayer if it needs to be and defend itself against China.

And thatís just the way it is.