Victims' Rights Caucus


The Face of the Enemy

Sep 14 2006

Mr. Speaker, in a few days Americans will see the face of the enemy. He will set foot on American soil and speak before the United Nations.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, the person who denies the Holocaust ever happened and wants Israel decimated and destroyed, insists he is not making nuclear bombs but just nuclear power. No one believes him, and why should we?

This is the same man who is accused of holding U.S. soldiers hostage after taking the U.S. embassy in Tehran. And some people say this picture proves it; here he is with an American hostage that he is holding.

But the Iranian attack on our embassy in 1979 is overshadowed by IEDs in Iraq, supplied by Iran, to kill American soldiers every day. In a recent interview, he did not deny having suicide bombers ready to strike America.

We would never have invited Lenin, Stalin, Hitler or Mussolini to the U.S. Now we are welcoming this terrorist on American soil. Instead of receiving keys to the city, shouldn't he receive keys to the jailhouse?

And that's just the way it is.