Victims' Rights Caucus



Madam Speaker, the states are fighting back and saying "no" to the government's oppressive takeover of health care. Eighteen states, including Texas, have joined in suing the government. Never before in American history have so many States banded together to claim a federal law is unconstitutional.

The Constitution does not permit the federal government to force citizens to buy a government-ordained product like health insurance or face a penalty. The unconstitutional law also hires 16,000 more IRS agents to rifle through the financial records of citizens to make sure they are buying that mandated government product. Now, isn't that lovely?

Madam Speaker, the 10th Amendment states, in part, the powers not delegated to the United States are reserved to the States or the people. An objective reading of the Constitution seems to indicate the states have a legitimate complaint. These 18 states should be commended for protecting their citizens from the federal government's unlawful, unwarranted intrusion into the private lives of the citizens.

And that's just the way it is.