Victims' Rights Caucus



Madam Speaker, many countries, including China and European nations, are continuing to move to clean energy, such as nuclear power. The United States, the nuclear power pioneer, lags far behind in the development of new generating plants. The United States could and should move to the licensing and development of more nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power is an efficient and a cheaper way of providing clean energy to America's manufacturing sector. We should streamline the long cumbersome process of power plant applications that use safe reactor designs, designs that have already been approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Progress, safety and costs have advanced to a state that America can safely store spent nuclear fuel rods and also recycle fuel. One of America's most impressive plants is the North Anna Nuclear Station here in nearby Virginia. Nuclear power is responsible for 20 percent of our energy, but in France 80 percent of their energy comes from nuclear energy. Nuclear power will keep jobs in America and help free us from the shackles of foreign control of our energy.

And that's just the way it is.