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Jun 06 2007


Dear Friends,

This week the Senate is expected to begin debate on their so-called "Immigration Reform Bill." I talked with hundreds of people this past week while working in the district and I hear you! As your representative, I will not support any legislation that rewards illegals with amnesty - no matter how they try to sell it. It is difficult to understand why the Administration wants more laws, but doesn't enforce the laws we already have.

I appreciate all those folks that gave up time to visit with me and my staff at various Town Hall meetings in Crosby, Kingwood, Champions and Spring throughout the past month. I will be conducting more meetings throughout the district in the coming weeks. Check my website for one near you!

As always, keep your emails coming - I like to hear what issues are on your mind!

God and Texas,

Member of Congress


Border Security/Immigration Reform

Senate Amnesty Bill

The Senate's latest version of immigration reform legislation is just the second verse to the same old amnesty song. The Senate Amnesty Bill allows for people living in our country illegally to pay a fee to the government to excuse their crime. This 'government kick back' would be the same as allowing someone who trespasses on your land to pay a fine and continue to live on your land. This is amnesty no matter what the "open borders crowd" trys to call it. Most Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to Amnesty. Too bad some politicians in Washington aren't listening to the public.

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