Victims' Rights Caucus



Sep 09 2008


Mr. Speaker, there has been another tragic misapplication of the word ``honor.'' In Pakistan a 17-year-old girl was killed by her parents last week because she wanted an annulment from an arranged marriage, a marriage that she was forced into when she was 9 years old. That's right, 9 years of age, the age when most girls still play on the playground, enjoy cartoons, stickers, and still play with dolls, the age when little girls are still just little girls. Instead, at 9, Saira Bibi was robbed of her childhood and compelled to become the bride of a 45-year-old male.

   After turning 17, Saira wanted out of her shotgun wedding and marriage; so she filed a legal suit, and eventually a judge granted an annulment. Unfortunately, Saira was only able to enjoy her newfound freedom for moments because the very same parents who stripped her of her youth stripped her of her life. These parents hired killers who gunned down their daughter Saira as she was walking out of the courthouse in Pakistan.

   This is only one example of many so-called ``honor killings'' in Pakistan recently.

   Mr. Speaker, there is no honor in killing your children or murdering women in the name of religion.

    And that's just the way it is.