Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, I bring you news from the border war with the cartels. Our Homeland Security Director has recently announced the effort to beef up the ports of entry on our southern border by using the Federal agencies of the ATF, the DEA, and more Border Patrol, mainly at the ports of entry.

I am encouraged that we have finally recognized that we have a problem on the southern border, but the plan unfortunately omits the obvious: Theproblem is not at the legal ports of entry; the problem is between the legal ports of entry; and between the legal ports of entry we ought to use the National Guard. The reason being is Mexico is engaged with the battle of the cartels, and they use the military. They have several thousand on their border. Why? The cartels are an army of evildoers. They commit beheadings, murder, corruption, and terror along the border. It is violent, and it is now becoming a cross-border problem.

So let's be serious about the border war with the cartel. Let's join Mexico, and put our National Guard on the border. The Texas Governor and the Arizona Governor have both asked for the National Guard. They should know that they need that help. We need the National Guard to squeeze out the vicious cartel army and put them out of the business.

And that's just the way it is.