Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, when Hurricane Rita hit southeast Texas, a pine tree fell on our house and caused a leak in the roof. The water came into the house, and I couldn't put enough buckets under the leak to catch all that water. I didn't really know what to do. Eventually it dawned on me, I had to go up on the roof and fix the leak or water would have continued to fill all those buckets and more. The ``grand bargain'' immigration plan is really a plan to buy more buckets for the big leak on our border.

   The government is missing the obvious. Until we fix the leak, we can never deal with all of the water from the leak. Until Uncle Sam enforces border security, we cannot solve the problem with the illegals already here.

   The so-called immigration reform bill deals with the wrong issue first. It legalizes the illegals while inadequately securing the border. Secure the border and then come up with a plan that is not amnesty in dealing with the people here illegally. Otherwise, we will keep buying more buckets and the real problem will never be solved.

   And that's just the way it is.