Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, the attack on the Constitution continues. In spite of the will of the people, there are those who still want to force-feed us with government-run health care. The Constitution gives no power to the Feds to nationalize health care. The Feds plan to force Americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine or go to jail, or both. And that plan is unconstitutional. So 34 States are fighting back with legislation to block unconstitutional Federal insurance mandates.

Also, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and other AGs are ready to fight the Feds in court over the unconstitutional "Corn Husker Kickback." The Kickback and the "Louisiana Purchase" were secret backroom deals, payoffs, paybacks, and rip-offs that gave special health care favors to these States while discriminating against other States who must pay for these corrupt sweetheart deals.

It seems that business as usual is going on in D.C., and it's hazardous to our health. President Reagan said there are two ways to do some things: "The right way and the way they do things in Washington."

And that's just the way it is.