Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, journalism has taken a plunge into the depth of disturbing depravity at Central Connecticut University. A writer for the college newspaper wrote a slam piece against sexual assault victims. His article was entitled, ``Rape Only Hurts if You Fight It.'' He claims rape is a magical experience and a blessing for unattractive women. He and his Third-World college newspaper now say the piece was satire and humor.

This mean-spirited article shows no humor, but vile and vicious and abusive words about women. Journalistic attacks on rape victims dehumanize them and show a total lack of understanding of this crime. Rape is a physical and emotional crime that tries to destroy the inner soul of the victim.

Almost one-fourth of the women rapes are on college campuses are rape victims. Journalists who are out of touch with the real world do a disservice to there field. And tragically, like physical abusers, heap journalistic abuse on rape victims.

And that's just the way it is.