Victims' Rights Caucus


Mr. Speaker, a fight broke out in one of the public high schools in Houston, Texas, this week between numerous recent evacuees from Louisiana and students from the Texas high school. Several were arrested. The tension and energy between the ``displaced'' and the ``hometowners'' should be channeled in a productive way. As a former judge in Houston, I believe these culprits should be held accountable for their attitudes and their attitudes need to be adjusted.

At the end of class on Friday, the Louisiana kids should be put back on a yellow school bus and sent back to New Orleans to spend the weekend cleaning up their hometown from the mess left by Katrina. The Texas students should spend the weekend at the Astrodome helping the thousands of volunteers in the relief effort. Then when both sides arrive back at school on Monday morning, they should have a different attitude about cooperation.

The schoolyard fight is similar to those here in the Capitol who gripe, complain, moan and groan and put blame on others for the Katrina disaster, but do nothing personally to help. Cease the fighting words and rhetoric and get on with the rebuilding, refurbishing, and renewal of our Nation.