Victims' Rights Caucus


Washington, Dec. 13


Mr. Speaker, the Federal government is at war with the States over illegal entry. There is a real problem in this country: millions of people are living here illegally, and more illegally cross into America every day.

Schools, hospitals, and the justice system are burdened with the cost of supporting illegals, who do not contribute to our system. They reap the benefits and services off the backs of American citizens and legal immigrants. Twenty-seven percent of the people in U.S. prisons are illegals. In the border counties in Texas, according to the border sheriffs, over 30 percent of the people in those jails are foreign nationals.

All of this costs money. The safety of our citizens is also at risk, but the Federal Government chooses not to adequately enforce the law. The federal government is focused more on finding reasons why the law of the land should not be enforced. Case in point: the 20-point memo released this summer by ICE listed the criteria for illegal migrants who have been detained but should not be deported. In other words, let them go.


As a result of Washingtonís inaction, several states have been burdened with the cost of illegal entry, from health care to incarceration costs. Arizona, South Carolina, Utah, Georgia and Indiana have been forced to do the job the federal government will not do -- protect their citizens from the costs of unlawful entry into America.


Arizona implemented a law that requires authorities to check the immigration status of anyone who is already legally detained for some offense and when there is ìreasonable suspicionî that the person is in the country illegally.

In order to compensate for Washingtonís failure to fulfill its constitutional duty to protect the citizens of this nation, these states have begun to implement tougher immigration laws. But the Administration says not so fast, that immigration enforcement is their job.


They just refuse to do it.