Victims' Rights Caucus


WASHINGTON, September 20 -


Mr. Speaker,

Over the last week, we have watched as anti-American groups throughout the world have killed Americans, attacked our embassies, had protests, burned the American flag, and destroyed our property in many parts of the world. These events and events that have preceded them bring up that question again that these countries that we give aid to seem to be countries where there is violence against America. So I want to spend a few minutes talking about the aid Americans, when they write that check to the government, our government, spend all over the world.

This is a map of countries in the world that the United States of America taxpayers give assistance to worldwide. Youíll see there are three colors. The red are colors that the United States gives foreign aid to ñ And you can see thatís most of the countries in the world ñ and it is most of the countries. There are 191 countries in the world. Sometimes there are 193, depending on whether those last two are really countries or not. And American taxpayers give money to do 158 of them. So you see those that are in the red. The green represents countries that we give military aid to. And the few little blue countries ñ a couple in Europe, a couple in Africa ñ those are countries we donít give any money to. By far, the minority. So you see the massive world as we know it, American money goes to most of it.

Now you notice over here thereís a red block in this part of the world. And Iím sure, Mr. Speaker, you would recognize this massive country here. Thatís Russia. Yes, American aid goes to Russia. And did you know even though China controls so much of our debt, American money, yes, goes to China as well.

So maybe we need to rethink how we do this. With all the problems weíve got in the United States, the taxpayers are writing checks for countries throughout the world. And hereís how we vote on foreign aid. And I suspect the Senate does it that same way. We put all the countries in a list and in a bill and the State Department usually submits an amount of money they would like us to give to this country. And then this House votes ìupî or ìdownî on all 158 countries.

Now maybe we ought to do business a little better. Maybe should vote country by country. Some say, Oh, itíll take too long. Hey, weíre talking about American money here. It wouldnít take very long at all. I think that if we voted ìupî or ìdownî country per country, most of these countries are not going to get any aid from the United States in a bipartisan way. Of course, probably Israel would. And 80 percent of the money given to Israel is spent back in the United States. I think most Members support Israel. Maybe one or two other countries.

Letís vote ìupî or ìdownî country by country. And some of these countries that weíve had unrest in in the last couple of weeks ñ like Libya, like Egypt ñ maybe we need to reevaluate the money we send to them. At the very least, what we ought to do in c