Victims' Rights Caucus



Jan 28 2009

Madam Speaker, Coach Mack Brown and the Texas Longhorn football team had a great football season. The Longhorns played tough all year, winning 12 games, and losing only once. Among their wins, I would like to especially congratulate them on their victory on a neutral field over Oklahoma; a rivalry that has existed since 1900. With Texas beating Oklahoma again, it further extends the all-time series lead to 58 wins for UT to only 40 for OU.

For the University of Texas winning titles, championships, and individual awards are nothing new. The Longhorns have a rich tradition of conference titles, National Championships, and Heisman trophy winners. You can ask any player and they will tell you that just having the opportunity to play for the University of Texas is the dream of every football player in the great state of Texas. UT players are almost all from Texas, but occasionally an out of state player has the privilege of making his way onto the Longhorn team.

This year there was once again controversy surrounding the BCS. There were several teams including Texas that had legitimate claims to be the team playing for a National Championship. I personally think Texas and the ``BCS National Champion Florida Gators'' should have a real national playoff game and determine the National Championship. Only through a playoff system can we have a true National Champion every year. NCAA Division II and Division III have a football playoff system that works quite well.

While Texas beat Oklahoma, they were snubbed for the Big 12 Conference title game, which meant they had no chance to play for the National Championship. In addition to this, many felt Colt McCoy should have been given more consideration for the Heisman trophy. With everything that the Longhorns had to endure, it could have been enough for any team to just throw in the towel and give up. However, Coach Mack Brown kept his team focused and committed to their motto, ``Texas Fight.'' UT went on to play a very good Big 10, Ohio State team in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. In a thrilling game, Colt McCoy led a ``Heismanesk'' last minute drive and connected with Senior Quan Cosby for a 26-yard touchdown that gave Texas the win, 24-21.

You need to only look at the upbringing of quarterback Colt McCoy and receiver Jordan Shipley to see the character the Longhorns are made of. Both Colt and Jordan's fathers were teammates and roommates while playing football at my Alma Mater, Abilene Christian University. Brad McCoy was a receiver and Bob Shipley was a running back. After Bob and Brad graduated from ACU they kept in touch, raising their two families together. The two families regularly attended church together, went fishing, and other family activities. Both Brad McCoy and Bob Shipley instilled work ethic, faith in God, and leadership qualities into their two boys.

The character of these two resonates through the whole Longhorn team. They are Texas--a team committed to each other, their coaches, and the University.

Madam Speaker, University of Texas football is as much of a part of America as the flag and apple pie. It is almost a religion in the burnt orange state of Texas.

I commend the Longhorns and coaches for a great season. I look forward to another successful year in '09 along with the 59th win over Oklahoma. Hook'em Horns!

And that's just the way it is.