Victims' Rights Caucus



Oct 13 2009


Madam Speaker, somewhere in the deep, dark, moldy caverns of this Capitol building, known only to the very few, the taxacrats are very busy writing their Halloween health care bill. They want to shove it through Congress before Halloween. How appropriate a date for that nightmare.

The Senate took another step today toward Halloween health care. The Senate Finance Committee passed something they called a ``concept'' bill. It's not really a bill, it's just a concept, an idea. That means the bill is not really actually written. But they passed it out of the Senate Finance Committee anyway.

Now, they're supposed to merge it together with the trillion dollar Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee health care bill. That's the HELP bill. The Senate passed that earlier this year. So in the secret caverns of the Capitol, the health-care-crats are going to merge the two Senate bills to come up with the final Halloween health care bill.

Here is the problem with all the bills so far: The government decides our health care. All the power and all the control goes to the Federal Government. It lets the government decide what procedures doctors may perform on their patients. If some new medicine comes along, it won't be covered. You have to go into the government-run plan to get new medicines. And you have to pay a big fine if you don't buy insurance when you're young and healthy. I'm sure the youth of America will like that new change in health care. Plus, businesses that cannot afford to have health care for their employees will also get stuck with an 8.5 percent tax. Of course, that will put some businesses out of business. In other words, tax them out of business.

The bills are so vague that illegals probably are covered in all of the bills as well. Also these bills tax good insurance plans like the ones that many union members have. If someone pays more to get better insurance, the government is going to make them pay for having that better insurance with higher taxes. And millions of people are still not covered in the bills. Now wasn't that supposed to be the reason for all of this reform? We are turning the health of America over to the government, and these bills still won't cover everyone.

And even when they still don't cover millions of people, government health care is just too expensive. America cannot afford it. Government-run health care is going to cost the taxpayers at least another trillion dollars at the very least. And where are we going to get the money? We don't have the money.

Now the taxacrats are tying to tell us that putting everyone in a new government-run health care system won't cost the taxpayers any money. Well, they are wrong. That would be the first time in history a government-run program like this health care bill costs less than it was supposed to be.

If you liked your health care when you had to pay for it, Madam Speaker, you will really like it when it's free.

There's more. Government health care is going to cut half a billion dollars out of Medicare to help pay for this Halloween health care bill. Of course, that scares our seniors. And another thing that's odd: Every single one of these bills don't go into effect until the year 2013. Now why is that? But the new taxes take effect in 2010. That's right. American taxpayers pay 3 years of new taxes on plans that don't take effect for 3 more years. Now isn't that lovely.

So what's the big rush to pass all this? You'd think they're trying to hide something. And I wonder what that could be? If this is such a gr