Victims' Rights Caucus


Washington, Dec. 15 -


Madam Speaker, when most people think of smuggling, they envision outlaws in the dark of night lawlessly shuffling around guns and money to other outlaws. Most people would never imagine that the government of the greatest nation of the world would be engaged in a stealth smuggling operation by sending guns and money to the narcoterrorists. 

It appears a group of people in the ATF and the DEA, all under the supervision of the Department of Justice, facilitated trafficking of guns and money to the drug cartels ñ the national enemy of Mexico and of the United States. These vicious cartels have inflicted terror on both sides of the border. They are literally at war with the Mexican people, the people to the south of us, our neighbors.

First we learned that the Justice Department, with the help of the ATF, apparently facilitated the smuggling of over 2,000 weapons to the drug cartels. These guns included semiautomatic weapons and sniper rifles. People have died because of this activity. These weapons were used to kill at least 200 Mexican nationals and two U.S. law enforcement agents.

The Attorney General admitted to me in the Judiciary Committee law week, more people are going to die, all because our Government is helping the drug cartels in Mexico obtain automatic weapons.

Of the 2000 weapons smuggled to Mexico, most are still unaccounted for.

The Attorney General is the Chief lawyer and law enforcement officer in the country, but he claimed last week at the Judiciary Committee he didnít know about Fast and Furious until recently. He either didnít read the memo or he didnít get the memo.

What is more remarkable, Madam Speaker, he claims he doesnít know who authorized the smuggling ring. To coin a phrase from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the idea that Eric Holder, the head of the Department of Justice that oversaw this operation was not involved or was unaware of what took place in Operation Fast and Furious requires a ìwilling suspension of disbeliefî

The question is: Is there a rogue group of moles operating stealth activity in the Department of Justice? The Attorney General also admitted to me last week that this operation was in fact reckless.

It is worth noting, Madam Speaker, when a person recklessly causes the death of another person; itís the crime of manslaughter. If people under the Attorney General violated U.S. or international law, they need to be accountable for their actions.

It has been almost one year since Agent Brian Terry was murdered and when we first learned about this foolish operation we now know as Fast and Furious. Terry was killed by one of these smuggled guns to Mexico, but yet no one claims