Victims' Rights Caucus


Mr. Speaker, we have 44 czars in America and the dance card keeps growing. The new czar for the day is the safe schools czar.

Add that to the Afghanistan-Pakistan czar, the AIDS czar, auto recovery czar, behavioral science czar, bailout czar, border czar, car czar, climate change czar, copyright czar, counterterrorism czar, cybersecurity czar, diversity czar, disinformation czar, two economic czars, an education czar, energy czar, food czar, government performance czar, Great Lakes czar, Gitmo closure czar, health care czar, info tech czar, intelligence czar, Latin American czar, Mideast peace czar, Mideast policy czar, pay czar, regulatory czar, religion or God czar, science czar, stimulus czar, Sudan czar, TARP czar, technology czar, trade czar, urban affairs czar, war czar, water czar, weapons czar. And now we have a safe schools czar.

Who are these people, and what do they do? Is this a shadow government?

Since we continue to dance with the czars, it would be nice to know who brought us to the dance.

And that's just the way it is.