Victims' Rights Caucus



Madam Speaker, with the banner cry, "they never found a tax they didn't like," the taxacrats want to tax energy consumption.

Here's the plan: Tax American energy and use the tax to pay for the national health care program. In fact, Duke Energy has already asked for a 13.5 percent rate increase on its customers to pay for this new oppressive tax. You see, taxes on American energy companies will be passed on to the rest of us. And so it begins.

Families and businesses are already struggling during these new times of change. The stimulus bill has only made things worse. So the government is going to automatically raise the cost of everything that comes from energy, which is almost everything. And the consumer pays, while our small manufacturing companies go out of business because of these new energy taxes. And now we learn the new energy tax plan, which was supposed to save planet Earth, will have little or no effect on the climate. Bummer.

So why punish American energy companies that pass the pain on to citizens? Here's the reason: The government economic philosophy of 2009 is: if something moves, regulate it; if it keeps moving, tax it; and if it stops moving, nationalize it.

And that's just the way it is.