Victims' Rights Caucus



 Mr. Speaker, news from the lawless southern border: Homeland Security is claiming illegal entry is decreasing. According to their reports, the number of illegals arrested on the Mexico-U.S. border has decreased almost 25 percent.

   Armed with these statistics, these bureaucrats are thus claiming fewer illegals are trying to sneak into the United States. Interesting enough, just last month the Homeland Security Secretary said, while he was lobbying for the now defeated Senate amnesty plan, that he cannot secure the U.S. borders. Now he claims illegal crossings are down because apprehensions on the border are down. That is like saying there are fewer cars on the road because the police are issuing fewer traffic tickets.

   The American people are not fooled by this statistical game. Rather than claiming these glowing statistics mean that all is well on the southern front, Homeland Security should stop issuing propaganda statements and give the border protectors the support, equipment, and manpower to protect the border from infiltration. Homeland Security must quit being delightfully ignorant of the truth and not claim border victory because it issues fewer traffic tickets.

   And that's just the way it is.