Victims' Rights Caucus



Madam Speaker, today we are voting on whether or not to raise the debt limit so the government can borrow more money. Borrowing and spending is out of control.

This is one of my kid's old credit cards. When it reached the spending limit, it meant there was no more room on the credit card for one of my four kids to spend more money. So when it reached the limit, they begged Daddy to raise the limit so they could spend more money. And if I raised the limit, spending always increased until that new limit was reached.

Today we're voting on whether or not to add $1.9 trillion more to the national credit card limit. So what happens if we say "no" to all the borrowing? We might have to quit spending money. Do the American people really want their government spending and borrowing less money? I think they do.

This is my congressional voting card. I will be using this card to vote against more debt on the American people. When you find yourself in a financial hole, stop digging.

Don't borrow more money and buy a backhoe and dig a deeper hole of debt.

And that's just the way it is.