Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, the blissfully ignorant British bureaucrats have decided to ignore who they are fighting. In the name of political correctness, Prime Minister Brown is refusing to acknowledge acts of terror are committed by Islamic radical insurgents.

   The British Government has banned the use of words such as ``Muslim'' and ``war on terror.'' Acts of terrorism are now referred to as ``criminal acts.'' The Islamic extremists who commit the attacks are being referred to as ``communities.''

   Islamic terrorists can go ahead and continue the barrage of terror because proper Britain won't even acknowledge who they are.

   When did the great nation of Britain turn into the timid, politically sensitive, fearful country that is more concerned about hurting the feelings of terrorists than protecting their island? It's time for Britain to boldly name the enemy at the gate, to turn around and fight for their country, not hide behind niceties.

   Winston Churchill wasn't afraid to name and fight the Nazis when he said, ``We shall go to the end; we will defend our island whatever the cost will be; we will fight on the beaches; we will fight in the fields and on the streets. We will never surrender.''

   And that's just the way it is.