Victims' Rights Caucus



Jun 26 2009


Thank you for yielding, Judge Gohmert. You know, we approach what we consider the most important of all days for our Republic, and that's Independence Day.

And this legislation that unfortunately passed tonight has not made us more independent, but it has made us more dependent. As a Nation, we are more dependent upon, now, government control of every aspect of our lives, our personal lives, our business lives.

When the government starts telling you what type of electricity you can have in your home, when the government starts telling you that you have to pass an energy efficiency before you can sell your home, maybe we have gone too far in the government controlling our lives. But that's just a smidge of what has occurred in the passing of this legislation.

I am not sure what the goal of the legislation was. We heard different things. One was that it's going to create more jobs for Americans. Well, that's just not going to happen. All the sane studies show that that's not going to occur in the United States.

There will be government programs, which means subsidies paid by taxpayers to go to, quote, green jobs. Those are programs, and they will be created, subsidized by the taxpayers, to move us in a direction of the green environment, which I will say just a little bit more about in a minute.

But one group that has not been mentioned today in the House debate that talked about jobs, the National Black Chamber of Commerce said this legislation will cost 2.5 million jobs almost immediately. Well, that's a lot of Americans being put out of work when we are already having Americans losing their jobs.

We do have an example of a country that has tried this legislation. Although they didn't sign this one, it's one very similar. Spain has had this so-called idea of trying to control carbon emissions in their country for several years, and they have created jobs, but they have lost jobs. For every green job that they have created, by their own statistics, two other jobs have been lost.

Now, I am not a CPA like Mr. Conaway is, but it would seem to me the more green jobs you create, the more jobs you are going to lose.

And that's what Spain has done, and now they are trying to get out from under their own legislation that has cramped their economy because they are losing jobs by moving to this so-called green job economy. So we are losing American jobs overseas for a lot of reasons already, and a lot of it is because of the high cost of energy. Now we are going to have energy cost increase. So first idea, a goal to create American jobs, that's just fiction.

The second thing is that this is supposed to be a bill to save the planet. You know, humans are bad and that we are creating all this gas that we need to control, and it's all because of energy. And so if we have this legislation that passed, we are going to save the planet.

Up until a few months ago, we heard from those people. That was called global warming. But since global warming is not occurring, it is now changed to climate change. We changed the title, because global warming does not appear to be what those who claim it to be is occurring here.

Now we hear from the Congressional Budget Office, when they testified before the Senate several weeks ago, that the effect of this legis