Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, the Federal Government has been running a universal nationalized health care system in the United States for over 100 years. Just ask those folks that live on Indian reservations.

Socialized medicine doesn't work, and America has already proved it by the way it has mistreated Native American Indians. They are treated under the Indian Health Services Program, a universal government-run health care system for Indians.

There are long waiting lines for service, doctors are scarce, the quality of medical care is poor, it costs too much, and it results in rationed health care. When the government is running health care, people die. Now the administration is forcing universal health care on everybody.

Let's look at some of our history on American-run health care: when Stephanie Little Light took her daughter, Ta'Shon Rain, to the Indian Health Service Clinic in Montana, which she was required to do since she is under the universal health care Indian program, the doctor said her little 5-year-old girl was just depressed. She had stopped eating and stopped walking. The little girl kept complaining to her mom that her stomach hurt. And after going back to the government-run health care clinic 10 more times, Ta'Shon's lung collapsed.

She was air-lifted to a private, nongovernment hospital in Denver where they told her mom she had terminal cancer. The little girl who loved to dance and sing and dress up in Indian costumes always wanted to see Cinderella's World at Disney World. A charity sent the whole family there, but Ta'Shon didn't get to see the castle when they got to Florida. The little girl had died in her hotel room. The mother says she still cries when she remembers how her daughter was always in pain before she died.

There are more examples. The doctors at the Indian Health-run clinic told Stephanie there was nothing wrong with her daughter, that she just had all of this in her mind.

This is a tragic example of medical health care run by the United States Government. There is a big difference between good intentions and what really happens in the real world. When there are no doctors left and the taxpayer money is gone and when bureaucrats control health care, people die. Is this what we are to expect under the new nationalized health care system?

Mr. Speaker, they say on these Indian reservations don't get sick after June because that's when all the Federal money runs out. So they ration health care.

The Indian Health Service Agency calls itself, get this, a "rationed health care system." How's that for truth about socialized medicine?

Rhonda Sandland lives on Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. She'd had a terrible case of frostbite on both her hands, and her hands had turned purple. The pain got so bad that she could not even dress herself. She visited the Indian Health Service clinic over and over again. Rhonda says she didn't get any help there until she threatened to kill herself because of the pain. The clinic then decided to cut off five of her fingers. Lucky for Rhonda there was a private doctor that just happened to be visiting the reservation. He prescribed her medicine that she needed, instead of cutting off her fingers. She's okay today.

Victor Brave Thunder was not so fortunate. He felt real bad and he went to the same government clinic as Rhonda. They misdiagnosed the fact that he had heart failure,