Victims' Rights Caucus


Washington, Nov. 30 -


Mr. Speaker, this week Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani said that there will be no more ìbusiness as usualî with the United States. I couldnít agree more. The United States should not be doing business as usual with our unfaithful ally Pakistan. Since 2002, we have given Pakistan over $14 billion in so-called security-related aid and over $6 billion in economic-related aid. The American people have not gotten their moneyís worth.

Pakistan seems to be the Benedict Arnold nation in the list of countries that we call allies. They have proven to be deceptive, deceitful, and a danger to the United States. Hereís some of the evidence.

In May of this year, Navy Seals discovered Osama bin Laden living the high life in an Abbottabad mansion right in the backyard of the Pakistani military community, but Pakistan claimed they had no knowledge of the worldís most-wanted terrorist that was living right under their noses. This is questionable at best. Mr. Speaker, that dog just wonít hunt.

Since then, the more we learn about Pakistan, the worse it gets. Shortly after the raid, Pakistan also arrested CIA informants in Pakistan that led the United States to capture or take out Osama bin Laden.

Pakistan has tried also to cheat the United States by filing bogus reimbursement claims for allegedly going after militants; 40 percent of these claims have been rejected by our government.

There is more. Pakistan tipped off terrorists making IEDs, not once, but twice, in June 2011, after we gave them intel on the bomb-making factory location and asked Pakistan to go after them.

CIA Director Leon Panetta asserted that Pakistan had not done enough to bring Osama bin Laden to justice, saying there is ìtotal mistrustî between the United States and Pakistan. Meanwhile, Pakistan is chumming up to the Chinese. It sounds to me like Pakistan is playing both sides in the war on terror.

This so-called ally takes billions of dollars in U.S. aid while, at the same time, supporting the militants who attack us. According to Admiral Mike Mullen, the Pakistani Government supported the groups who were behind the September 11 truck bombing attack in eastern Afghanistan that wounded more than 70 U.S. and NATO troops.

Based on this evidence, I have introduced legislation to freeze all U.S.A. aid to Pakistan with the exception of funds that are designated to help secure their nuclear facilities. By sending aid to Pakistan, we are funding the enemy, endangering Americans, and undermining our efforts in the whole region.

In the past week, relations between American and Pakistani officials have even further deteriorated. Saturday, NATO and A