Victims' Rights Caucus



Loop 494 Upgrade, $2,248,800

This total project costs $2,811,000 and would widen Loop 494 from two lanes to four lanes with medians, and curbs from McClellan Road through Northpark Drive in Kingwood, TX.

2. Flyover Connecting HWY 146 and Spur 330, $12,000,000

The total project costs $15,000,000 and consists of a direct connector from Spur 330 to I-10 westbound. The pinch point is at the intersection of Highway 146 and Spur 330. I am requesting this project jointly with Rep. Gene Green, 29th District of Texas.

3. Port of Beaumont Intermodal Connections, $5,000,000

The total project costs $6,250,000 and consists of construction of new driveways, intermodal connections, lighting, paving and mechanically-operated barricades alongside of existing facilities, upgrading and improve existing railroad grade crossings by replacing aging timber crossings with new concrete crossings, grading, paving and lighting improvements to an internal roadway that will provide access to new cargo storage lots, and a large gate that will enable the repositioning of long and oversized pieces of cargo, and reconstruct and improve a 1/2 mile section of Buford Street, a portion of which was recently abandoned and ceded to the port by the City of Beaumont. This street provides essential access to the export grain elevator, bulk materials yard, intermodal rail facilities and 36-acre lease area located on the southeast corner of the port.

4. Port of Port Arthur Intermodal Distribution Rail Expansion Terminal, $6,000,000

The total project costs $7,500,000 and consists of construction of a Port Intermodal Distribution Rail Expansion Terminal. Project to be located on land side laydown area commonly referred to as Berths 3, 4 & 5 at the Port of Port Arthur. It will serve as an extension to the rail service for rail/laydown area for berths 1 & 2. Monies to be used for the expansion of rail multi-modal to handle sufficient volume to accommodate increased rail volumes. Site is prepared, stabilized and covered in asphalt. Additional work to include: laying rail/ballast and ties. Equipment to include switches, signals and frogs. Supporting equipment includes rubber tired gantry crane. Estimated 150 cars car volume.

5. Rehabilitate Madison Street from Irving Street to Grove Street in Beaumont, TX, $2,800,000

The total project costs $3,500,000. This road is the primary truck route for the industrial district located east of Carroll Street and along Gulf States Road. The existing concrete pavement is deteriorating and is in need of replacement.