Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, the gloom, doom, and depressed say the economy is in trouble. The naysayer's solution is a big government bailout.

Since Uncle Sam has apparently spent the money brought in by income taxpayers, he will just borrow $150 billion and give it away to Americans, many of whom don't even pay income tax.

The idea is that Americans will rush out and spend the free money and that will allegedly help the economy. But the last time the Feds gave away money, 75 percent of the recipients paid off personal debt rather than go shopping at the mall.

And where is Uncle Sam going to borrow $150 billion? Probably from Communist China, who already owns much of our debt. You know, the country that sells toys to America that contain lead.

How does borrowing billions with interest expecting our kids to pay off our debt make us better off? The big spending gimmick has all of the earmarks of vote pandering.

If you want to help the economy, cut taxes, cut spending. No individual or country can spend money it doesn't have and then blissfully claim economic victory.

And that's just the way it is.