Victims' Rights Caucus


Mr. Speaker, every time a child is born, the good Lord is making a bet on the future of mankind. Olivia Carolyn Shoemaker arrived in Dallas, Texas on Monday night, December 6, at 7 pounds and 19.5 inches.

She was affectionately referred to as Baby Shoe until named by her parents, Anthony and Kellee, Kellee being our youngest of four children. Olivia, although petite, has the legs of a long distance runner like her mother Kellee. Andshe has her mom's happy spirit. Having the intellect of her father, Anthony, I am sure she will be quoting the Constitution soon.

Mr. Speaker, God sends little girls to the world to soften up the rough edges of dads and help remove the hard crusty bark off grandfathers like me. There is absolutely nothing like a little girl.

My hope for Olivia is that she appreciate liberty, love God, and know she was born for a special reason, to make a world of difference in a world that just needs more little girls.

And that's just the way it is.