Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, "Fly the friendly and safe American skies." That's what Americans are being told by our government. But not so fast.

   NASA just completed a 4-year survey of thousands of pilots on the issue of air safety. The results have been compiled, but NASA not only won't release the results, they have ordered the survey to be deleted from official computers.

   NASA officials have said if the results are public, the airline customers' confidence in air safety will be jeopardized. The taxpayers paid $8 million for this survey, and the results should be open and not held hostage just because the results may reveal bad news.

   The American public and the airline industry should know what the pilots say about air safety. If it wasn't for the press, the mere knowledge of this survey would not have been exposed, but would have remained a dark secret behind the Moon. Our "Challenge" is to continue to "Endeavor" to "Discover" the truth.

   NASA should not be in the business of hiding the truth. Americans can deal with the truth, even if NASA cannot.

   And that's just the way it is.