Victims' Rights Caucus


Border Security

Jul 11 2006

Mr. Speaker, the State of Texas is a little richer today. But the money found along our border was not American money; it was money from the Middle East. A Sudanese dinar was found not too long ago along the Texas-Mexico border.

This type of money is a whole lot more dangerous because it brings with it someone carrying this money.

Someone that came into the United States obviously illegally from the nation of Mexico. The Sudanese dinar was discovered on our border, a clue that could have been easily lost among the trash trails illegal invaders from around the world leave behind.

But unlike most, the person carrying that dinar may not dream of a better life in the United States. He probably didn't come to the United States looking for work. He could covet death and a whole lot of it.

The threat of illegals infiltrating America is not just a threat to our economic security, it is a threat to our national security.

Now, so many OTMs, in the vernacular, Other Than Mexico, are coming into the United States, especially into Texas the, terrorist threat increases. These people come from all over the world. They come from China, they come from Korea, they come from the Middle East. They come from Africa, they come from South America and they come from Europe.

During recent national security hearings, clear and convincing evidence was released showing that the dark and deadly underground, created and thriving on human trafficking and on drug smuggling, is now diversifying into terrorism. Reports indicate that al Qaeda operatives have moved to Mexico, have assimilated into the population, have learned Spanish, and they are studying the culture and they are posing as Mexican workers. They create an illusion, then they wait, make their way to America. All the while, the hatred in their hearts is anything but phony. They know illegal entry allows them to live here and remain untraceable. It is the very freedom that they want to destroy. They will use that against us to infiltrate and weaken our Nation.

For almost 5 years now, Mr. Speaker, we have been hunkering down, our eyes really turned north to Canada, the country that has long been touted by some as the de facto entry point for illegals. All the way terrorists could easily be sneaking through our back door, the southern border into the United States. They could pose as a day laborer, a blue collar worker, moving, then plotting undetected in the shadowy night and the broad daylight, among the people willing to break laws to earn money to send home.

These are people who are willing to break into our country, our country. These are criminals who are bent on evil with hearts full of malice and mischief. They act in the name of radicalism and destruction and hatred.

Mr. Speaker, we may have terrorists living among us. You have heard the phrase, ``It's not if, but when.'' Failure to protect our borders, failure to prevent OTMs from entering the United States puts America at risk.

Then continuing this absolute absurd policy of capturing these OTMs from other countries and then telling them, on their oath, they need to come back to court for their deportation hearing, is absurd. We are not shocked that over 90 percent of them never return, but yet they are released into the heartland of the United States.

This nonsense needs to stop. We need to find places for those who have decided to enter our country illegally, hold them and detain them until they get quick deportation hearings, then send them home where they belong.

The duty of our government is to protect the citizens of this Nation. We protect the borders of other countries. We need to protect our own border. Border security is a national security issue. And we must have the moral will to protect the dignity and sovereignty of this Nation. And that's just the way it is.