Victims' Rights Caucus



H.R. 834

Title: Expressing the sense of Congress that the escalating level of violence on the United States-Mexico border is a serious threat to the national security of the United States.

Description: Calls on the Administration to consider the increasing violence on the U.S. Border as a national security threat. It also calls on the Administration to deploy National Guard troops to the border to address this growing threat.

H.R. 834

Title: Ramos and Compean Justice Act of 2009

Description: Amends the federal criminal code to provide that provisions imposing additional terms of imprisonment for using or carrying a firearm during and in relation to any crime of violence or drug trafficking crime shall not apply to a person if: (1) the offense occurred during or in relation to the performance of peron's duties as a peace officer; (2) the firearm is of the same type as the firearm authorized to be carried by the person in the performance of those duties; and (3) the crime during and in relation to which the offense occurred is a crime of violence.

H.R. 2469

Drug Trafficking Elimination Act of 2009

Description: Increases penalties for the production and importation of illegal drugs.

H.R. 3628

To create a cause of action and allow standing in Federal courts against a country that denies or unreasonably delays the repatriation of a national ordered removed from the United States.

Description: Would allow for a way to aggressively target countries who refuse to allow the United States to accept the deportation of their nationals who have committed crimes in the United States.

H. RES.19

Expressing the sense of the Congress that State and local governments should be supported for taking actions to discourage illegal immigration and that legislation should be enacted to ease the burden on State and local governments for taking such actions.

Description: The legislation would express the support of Congress towards states that pass legislation (like the Arizona law) that would discourage illegal immigration in their state.


H.R. 137

Title: Employment Eligibility Verification and Anti-Identity Theft Act

Description: Would direct the Administrator to report when a reported social security number does not match with an individuals name. Often, when this occurs, it is because the applicant is an illegal immigrant who is using a false social security number.

H.R. 138

Title: To require Federal contractors to participate in the basic pilot program for employment eligibility verification.