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Mr. Speaker, ABC Nightly News named Bert Brady Citizen of the Week. Here is why. Bert Brady is a 69-year-old veteran. He gets up nearly every day for the last year and heads over to the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. He is there to do something that was not done for him. He is there to welcome soldiers coming home.

Bert organizes folks to go down with him to the airport and greet the soldiers coming home from the war. Sometimes these greeters number in the hundreds. Most of the citizens are veterans of Korea or Vietnam, but they also include Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, all to say ``thank you'' to the troops.

As Bert pointed out, there was no one there when our soldiers came home from Korea or from Vietnam. These dedicated individuals are making sure no soldier feels they are forgotten when they are returning from this war.

People line up along the paths. They cheer the soldiers as they come through the path, shaking their hands, giving them hugs, telling them thank you, and waving American flags. For our troops that moment is powerful.

When asked why he is so driven, Bert spoke of one soldier who shook his hand and said, ``Mister, I will never forget you. It's the greatest thing that ever happened to me, this homecoming reception.''

So we Americans thank you, Bert Brady.

And that's just the way it is.