Victims' Rights Caucus



Madam Speaker, we have yet another czar appointed by the administration. The Pay Czar will set limits on how much money people can make that took bank bailout money.

The government is establishing a central committee accountable and answerable only to the President. These czars and czarinas avoid scrutiny of Congress. There is no advice and consent by the Senate and little oversight, and no one knows what these czars really do or how they're doing it. There is no authority found anywhere in the Constitution to appoint these czars. They enforce czar rules with no recourse by the citizens. The czars claim they know best how to take care of the masses.

It's appropriate that this administration and past administrations use this Russian term ``czar'' since the Russians, under the Soviet Union, invented the Politburo. The Soviet Politburo was made up of political party appointees that made all policy decisions and ruled the country through their dictates.

Now we have 21 czars. The newest, the Pay Czar, is moving us ever nearer to a socialist union which leaves us less and less control of the government by the people.

And that's just the way it is.