Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, Veterans Day is the day we honor our veterans who go overseas and they return. Memorial Day is the day we honor our soldiers, our sailors, our airmen who go overseas and they don't return. Monday is Memorial Day, and all Americans should give homage and honor, praise and prayers for those that served and gave up their lives for the rest of us. They gave their youth for our future.

Not far from where we are today, right down The Mall, is the newest memorial on The Mall; it's the World War II Memorial. It's a massive memorial to those World War II--the Greatest Generation--veterans that served. On the back wall there it looks like a bronze plate. And if you get closer, Mr. Speaker, you notice that it's not a bronze plate at all, but there are thousands of stars; 400,000 stars on the World War II Memorial, and each one of those represents a young American that went overseas in the great World War II and did not return; 400,000 Americans. Those are just a few that have served and given their lives.

Patriotism is a good thing. This Memorial Day we praise those who served, and we praise the families of those who served.

And that's just the way it is.