Victims' Rights Caucus



Madam Speaker, the UN Human Rights Council a bastion of hypocritical countries, such as Saudi Arabia, that publicly whip women who have been raped, claiming rape is the womans fault has now self righteously condemned Israel for defending itself from the terror group Hamas.

The UN Council condemns Israel and ignores that Hamas has been murdering Israelis for years by firing rockets into civilian areas. Israel has been hit by more than 8,000 missiles, mortars and rockets sine 2000 by the group Hamas.

The resolution also failed to condemn Hamas for using Palestinian people as human shields for its war and operations against Israel.

Since the council was established, most of its unfounded resolutions have been related to Israel. However, it disregards major human rights violators, such as the twin tribes of terror Hamas and Hezbollah. This shows the incompetence of this anti Israeli council.

By the way, Madam Speaker, Hamas has just reinstituted crucifixion in Palestine. Most humans would agree this is somewhat antisocial conduct. The Human Rights Council is neither concerned about human nor rights.

And thats just the way it is.