Victims' Rights Caucus


HOUSTON - Representative Ted Poe of Houston is calling on President Obama to take immediate action on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Poe was joined by Congressmen Gabrielle Giffords, Ed Royce, and Dan Burton on the steps of the nation's capitol on Wednesday morning.

At the press conference, Poe displayed a large photo, showing what he said was a Mexican military helicopter, built by the Russians, flying nearly two miles into Texas. Poe said it was not known why the helicopter flew across the border.

In a written statement leading up to Wednesdays presser, Poe said he sent a letter to the president and other congressional members, urging them to grant requests that National Guard troops be sent to the border. The letter also asked for any troops at the border to be armed and allowed to defend themselves if fired upon.

Poe's letter comes on the heels of a new immigration law passed in Arizona. The law has caused a firestorm of controversy and discussion.

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