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Mar 30 2007


Amendment blocks FAA funding for TRACON Consolidations at SE TX Regional Airport

WASHINGTON - Congressman Ted Poe (TX-02) hails the passage of the Hastings/Poe/Filner/Bono amendment to H.R. 3074, the Transportation-HUD Appropriations Act for FY08, by a vote of 268-158.

"This is a major victory for the Southeast Texas Regional Airport," said Poe. "This amendment blocks all funding appropriated to the FAA to consolidate TRACON facilities across the country, including those at Southeast Texas Regional Airport in Beaumont. I will continue to work in bipartisan fashion with my colleagues in Congress and local officials to put an end to the notion of consolidation in our area indefinitely. The safety and security in our skies is far more valuable than any attempt by the FAA to save money. The FAA failed to prove time and time again that these proposed consolidations will save any money or jobs."

Dear Friends,

Over the past few weeks, legislation has been brought before Congress that would jeopardize a victory in Iraq and raise taxes on the American people two things I cannot support. I voted against both bills, I will not cut-and-run in Iraq nor will I support a $400 billion tax increase.

God and Texas,



The Emergency War Supplemental or more aptly named, the Iraq Surrender Bill passed the US House of Representatives 218-212 and was sharply divided along party lines. House leadership introduced the bill and offered incentives to Member of Congress by tacking on billions in non-emergency funding to appeal to their constituents. I voted against the Iraq Surrender Bill and I will not barter my position. I will not betray our troops for 30 pieces of silver or $3 billion of squealing pork.

Our military men and women on the ground in Iraq deserve better from their elected officials. To leave now or to designate a predetermined retreat date would be a mistake and ultimately leave the Iraqi people defenseless against extremist groups and Islamofascists waiting for any opening to take over control of the country. I will not support any effort to cut off funding and nickel-and-dime this war to its death. As outlined by our forefathers in our Constitution, the President has authority over our military. War can not be won by bureaucrats, and politicians preoccupied with power, making decisions that hinder the efforts on the battlefield.

War on Terror - Related Legislation:

? HR 1213, REWARD Act SPONSOR--Offers Tax incentives to employers to maintain pay for deployed military reservists

? HR 1538, Wounded Warrior Assistance Act VOTED YES--Helps recovering service members navigate hospital bureaucracy